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Welcome to Home Zomewhere Else visual novel Itch io page!

This visual novel contains violence, gay romance, magic, mystery and explicity nudity with R+18 rating (You must be 18 or older to play this). This Visual novel is FREE! but donations are much appreciated!

The Story

Home Zomewhere Else (HZE) is a linear story, where you play as Chad, a down on his luck Doberman trying to live day by day while haunted by a past he can鈥檛 seem to escape. His friends have left him, no family remains, and anything he had left in his hometown of Marimabo has been lost... As Chad you spend your time solving an increasing number of problems and trying to put back the pieces of your past. Chad is tormented by a series of unfortunate events that occurred a decade ago, when a bolt of lightning seemingly changed his fate forever.
Supernatural creatures roam the woods, magical situations occur without reason, all while his past and future lay before him. All Chad wants is a new place to call home...

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Home Zomewhere Else VN

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- Will there be NSFW in this game? : It has nudity so far, but yes, there will be more explicit NSFW content in the future.

- When will we receive an update? : Right now, we have a bi-monthly update, wich means, a new update each 2 months, being one month to premier on patreon, and the next month on public, and so on! we do have a patreon goal to go back to being a monthly update, with your help it can be possible!

- A reason why saves don't work properly once there's a new update?: First of all, remember above all things that this project is still a work in progress , and we often find ourselves going back and forth what we've done so far, fixing typos, animations, scenes, sprites, backgrounds, dialogues, etc... so , if you saved around any of those dialogues that have a major change in any of the above, your save might be compromised , ultimately throwing an error, we apologize for the inconveniences in advance and ask for your understanding! However, with our new implemented Chapter Selector, you can easily go back and forth throughout the vn, once you've read through those parts and unlocked them(if you haven't, a (????) name will show instead, until you've finished reading through that chapter's respective part.)

- I don't like the characters genitals, can you change them? : First of all, this question, or commenting about this makes us really uncomfortable, so we kindly ask for you to refrain from adressing this. As for now, we currently have a SFW filter that changes the genitals of our characters to fluffynes, making them more sfw-ish for those uncomfortable with NSFW, however, I have plans on making and adding genitals options, so you can choose wichever you prefer! but that won't be until a far future, so as for now the sprites stay as they are, because this is NOT by any means a sexual preference , but rather their characters and what they have gone through in their lives, so please try to understand and be patient about it.

                                                                      NOTICE BOARD


Patreon Story Zomewhere Else #3:  "Toto's really good sleepover" only on patreon!

Home Zomewhere Else Chapter 3 : part 1 Patreon release on April 19th-21th

Home Zomewhere Else Chapter 3 : part 1 Public release on May 19th-21th

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Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(264 total ratings)
AuthorsZordyKeaboo, Garro
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py
TagsErotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Magic, Mystery, Romance, suspense
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Twitter, YouTube, Discord


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Home Zomewhere Else (Windows) 360 MB
Version 0.11.2-Public
Home Zomewhere Else (Android) 384 MB
Version 0.11.2-Public
Home Zomewhere Else (MacOS) 354 MB
Version 0.11.2-Public
Home Zomewhere Else (Linux) 351 MB
Version 0.11.2-Public

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I hope you succeed in your project :)


I fell in love with this novel...


I love Mothoc


"The scent of fresh coffee fills you with determination."

Thought this little reference was cute, whether is was intentional or not :]



(1 edit) (+4)

- spoilers-



I'm... What the actual fuck is hapenning right now ? 

I mean, I loved the story, so many questions, a very mysterious story, a boyfriend that don't tell everything... A child, a mother, an abusive father. But monsters and magic powers AND MOTHOC??? Come on. This is too perfect :D

Even if i admit that i did not really understood the transition between "normal" and "paranormal shit", i loved it (I knew that there was going to be a paranormal side of the story, since the hand projection, it seemed obvious, but not that way, you understand ? I literally got terrified by the sound of the monsters, sended shivers down my spine :D).

 The characters arer VERY endearing, and i spent a really good time getting to know them. Especially Jenny, she's so funny i love her. Well, that aside, the story is catching. I wanna see the end but... I feel as confused as the protagonist. And that's a good thing, since i'm supposed to see the world through the protagonist's eyes, but this is one of the only -if not the only one- VN in which i couldn't anticipate the events, i can't see the beggining of what the end will look like, and that's rare. It's a compliment ! 

I also really liked the effort put in the music and the background, i also loved the "drawed scene" ? I don't know the exact term, but you see what i mean. 

Thank you, to all the team, for making such a great job at emerging people into your world. You did it very well, and i'll look forward the updates ! 

Thanks for reading :) 

Losh ~ 

I haven't finished reading the public build yet (so far, probably a rising star in FVN's), but I feel compelled to tell you that Wizards of the Coast is writing up a new Open Game License that MAY impact your revenue. 

thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! and thanks for the heads up, we'll look into it!


I did not expect things to go down like that...


Love the game but could you guys add a "most recent update" option for the chapter select? For convenience.


love the new cgs

(1 edit) (+8)


MOTHOC IS SOOOOOO FRIKIN CUTEEEEEEEEE.... well thx for another cliffhanger 馃檪


Hi, the hide button does not work! Great work so far. 


hey! we just tested it on windows and Mac and it works just fine, can you send me the specifics on our discord server? or give it a try and see if it wasn't something specific! also thank you! hope you liked our visual novel <3


what a thrill I look forward to the next update


You're in luck today, cuz there's an update right now!


These cliffhangers myyy gawddddd these cliffhangers areeee killllling mehhhh!!!!

Why did you do this to me author 馃檪


Mwaahahahaha , because I'm evil C:<

We do have a patreon if you'd like to read patreon exclusive content, and a early HZE build update e.e

(1 edit)

Does it run well on the build 9 PC?

When I start, this screen pops up and I can't proceed.


Hey! It does work, but we are currently trying to fix this error page you've just sent, you can also just press "ignore" right there, and it should work just fine, but its not the idea that this error pops up so we'll fix it asap! please report these patreon build errors in our discord server on the patreon section, or in our patreon comments!

Deleted 217 days ago
(1 edit) (+3)

Toto, the mysterious enigma from highschool. What's his purpose? Is he a dark lord? Find out next time..at the bus stop!!!


lmao yeee! you can also find out in the SZE only on patreon 馃憖




Toto is the Dark Lord of sluts!!

Bwahaha!! 馃槀馃槀

when does the paitron version come out?


August 19th-21th, please check the schedule just a little bit above


Well.. that hurt.

(1 edit) (+2)

Bruh..... I swear the cliffhangers is going to kill me one of these days


I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyy , it will happen again ;____;


HZE has some of the best sprite variations amongst furry VN's and xou're making them even better xD!? I applaude xour moxie~! :p I love how the story is developing and am eager to see how xou'll play this all out~ UwU Congratulations on hitting the 1ne year mark! \>_</


and even more to come ;D and thank you!!


Oh my god that cliffhanger at the end...... WHAT DA HELL HAPPENED I WANNA KNOW it's driving me crazyyyyyyyy !!!

That was to say the update was awesome and i can't wait for more !
This VN is soo good and only getting better and better !


Oh god I just noticed everyone in the page got birthday hats that's so fucking funny


Has been a year since I last played this game on its first day

Really happy that this game got an attention it needed

The art and story potential is pretty nice

Hope to see this game grow even bigger


thanks for playing our game! <3


Hmm new sprites :D looking good


A of the best VN I ever played


I forgot to put: Happy Pride month everyone!! 馃槂馃槂馃槂


i can actually relate a bit to thony' and kathy's life, when i was younger- 
(spoilies be warned)

me and my mother had to make do with what we had without my father, he isn't as physical as thony's dad but he was just as bad manipulatively. 

great vn so far hmhm, can't wait to see it all shine 


Yoo I'm sorry you had to go through that :C I hope everything got better! also care to send me a DM? telegram, twitter or discord, anything's fine! 


it's oki hmhm not your fault he was an ass, and i'm on your discord if you're wanting to dm me hmhm


I love how Chad's facial hair grows a bit as time passes, such a fun little detail!  


SPOILER (kind of ?)

I feel like Sentinel was a second father to Chad during those 10 years he can't seem to remember. After what happend when Chad and Fred got searated, maybe Sentinel took care of Chad for some time ? He's definitely connected to Chad since he seems to know him.

The last scene got me the impression that Terry (Chad's dad) was beating him...... I may be wrong but i could see some sings that maybe it was the case... If Chad has PTSD when he sees a metal bar on an empty hand then that's a solid clue for me. Along with Terry's demeanor during the flash back.

Anyway, lots of mysteries and unanswered questions, i loved this update and am looking foward for the next one !


New update was amazing, so much content, loved it 


Contender for best update I feel.


Pants-less Fridays!!! 馃槂馃槂馃槂

(2 edits)

joder, usando motifs de undertale para la canci贸n de intro
o bueno, me da la sensaci贸n de que es as铆
no me acuerdo de cual es esa ajsdkasj, pero me da fallen down vibes
o once upon a time
mucha nostalgia


espero que te gusten , los temas de HZE se hacen con mucho amor 馃グ馃グ


How tall is Fred compared to Chad?


Fred should be 1.83 cm, whereas Chad is around 10cm shorter! I had the specifics around there but couldn't find it aaaa


I'm 183cm also. Exactly the same as Fred.


Chad is a gigachad 

Cualquiera podr铆a ser un usuario de stand 

perd贸n por la broma qwp


me encanta ese meme asdhjshfhgf


Zordy you're killing me here. 馃槱馃槱馃槀馃槀


and im dying dlkasjd the update most likely will come out tomorrow 21th on patreon so stay tunned! 

I didn't realize that I wasn't in the correct tier, I was a little sad at that discovery. 馃槶馃槶馃槶 Oh well, another month won't kill me. 馃槂馃槂馃槂


omg nooooo ;___;


Hey its okay, you have to do what you have to do. I'm not upset, just a little impatient. 馃槂馃槂馃槱馃槱


We haven't heard from or seen Toto in a while. I wonder if he's too busy at those bus stops? 馃馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀


actually, he is 馃対馃対馃対

No way, really!? 馃槀馃槀


yesss, small spoiler but stay tunned to the next Story Zomewhere Else 馃榿馃榿


Is it the 19th yet?? 馃槀馃槀馃槀


Young Chad and Fred, I'm so excited!!!! 馃槂馃槂馃槂馃槂馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃


Young Fred looks so damn awesome I'm crying over his sprite y______y

(2 edits) (+1)

Congrats on the 6,500 downloads. 馃槏馃槏馃槏

Edit: I originally put 65k 馃槄馃槄馃槀馃槀


Build 6 was released 69 days ago. 馃槄馃槄馃槀馃槀


Truly a milestone, we must celebrate 馃寶

Also niiiiiiiceee


So, i only discovered HZE yesterday (dunno why i've never seen it before. I might be blind 馃槄). I went through a roller coaster of emotions while reading it and i can't wait for more to be revealed after that cliffhanger. This VN is a masterpiece.


I'm trying to get other people to play this, It deserves more attention. 馃槂馃槂馃槂

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